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Pro Staff Members Wanted

We are looking for Pro Staff Members. Weather your a New Angler or A Pro. We are looking for you. Contact us to get all the information. 

We currently have 2 out of Ohio A couple in Arizona. Looking to add more. Does not matter your location. 

Current Pro Staff Members

Tristan "Hairybass" Robinson from Rushville Ohio.  Tristan manages a Bait Store there. Stop on in and see him !

Tracy Botts From Junction City Ohio. Tracy Fishes Tournaments and is Testing our Products in his Tournaments !

New Stuff Coming Soon

We are always looking for ways to either improve our baits. Or are adding new items. 

Monthly Box Campaign

We are thinking of doing a SOF monthly box. This box would have a random amount of plastics and other items we sell. If you would be interested please let us know. We can not do it if we do not show enough of an interest in this. 

Share the big news

We are in current talks with a manufacturing company. And we will Still strive for the lowest cost to our Anglers.  

Distributors Wanted

We are currently looking for motivated people to join our team. What this would involve is you getting on board with us. You would get prices at cost. Then be able to mark them up to the agreed upon sales. And you would make some extra income while still being able to fish