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From Our Pro Staff

 Our Pro Staff Member Tracy Botts out of Ohio. Sent us this catch using our 3" Dawg Curl in Junebug color.Texas rigged bouncing off the bottom. Tracy said the bite has still been very slow. Yet He managed to get 2 with our Dawg Curl.  Thank you Tracy Botts! Pictured to the left . 

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Real Testimonials

 " I got the packet today and it's a nice selection can't wait to try them this weekend but not a lot of hope this week weather has been crappie and the lake looks like chocolate milk lol but we are getting them wet for sure . Thanks again" 

                                        Tracy Botts

US:  Hope your stuff made it to you. 

 Yes it did awesome lures those look nice stuck at bait shop can't wait till tomorrow to try out 

              Tristan Hairybass Robinson

Such a great product. I am never buying baits from anyone else from now on !!

                                                                                         Jerry Sedillo

                                                                                         Glendale, Az


Our Pro Staff have paid to get a Pro Staff Package from us. All Testimonials from them are in Fact True and in Their own Words. We do not pay them to give us a review . Weather good or Bad. 


We use quality Plastic when Pouring . 

Why choose us as your supplier ? 

A: We are a Small Business. Because we are small we are able to bring you an affordable way to go Fishing. And we will always strive for that. No matter How small or Big we grow. 

Example; Below is part of a conversation I had with one of our Pro Staff Members. Not only Does he fish but he works in a Tackle Shop. We were talking about the low cost to keep everyone Fishing. 

 I completely understand that was one of the big reasons we wanted to have a shop out here in the middle of nowhere in a poor County. Our goal is to help people that didn't have the money to go fishing they can come to us have not quite the right amount of money but we still make sure that they get to go fishing and it's just all about the smiles I would love to make my own plastics but I have way to much going on. So I have been searching for a small company like a garage shop guy to help me out and I found him thanks for working with me